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White tea and it’s health benefits

white tea

Ever said no to tea? Well, the answer is never! Everyone knows that we Indians are obsessed with tea. However, the fact that is most underrated during this time is that tea has enormous health benefits. Be it black tea, white tea, or green tea, each of them comes with its own set of nutritious benefits. In today’s article, we will specifically talk about the lesser-known variety – white tea.

White Tea

White tea

What is white tea?

Just like other types of tea, white tea also comes from Camellia Sinensis. It is also known as the tea plant. For the unversed, white tea is the least processed type of tea. However, it is the most delicate one in terms of flavour. It is produced by picking buds and leaves of the plant before they are fully open. So, how does white tea get its name? That is because the buds have small white hairs on them when they are picked.

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Did you know that white tea was once considered a luxury item? It was mostly considered a luxury during the Song Dynasty in China. In today’s world, you will get a wide variety of white teas. The most common ones are Ceylon White, Darjeeling White, Silver Needle, White Pu-Erh, White Peony, etc. Just like the rest of the tea types, white tea is known to have multiple health benefits and medicinal properties. Let us have a look at them below.

Health benefits of White Tea

  1. White tea is rich in antioxidants

It is loaded with polyphenols that are called catechins. These are plant-based molecules that act as antioxidants inside the human body. They protect the cells from any kind of damage by compounds that are called free radicals. Too much radical-free damage always has harmful effects on the human body. White tea is one of the best beverages to fight these free radicals.

  1. It may reduce the risk of heart diseases

Heart disease is known to be the leading cause of death in today’s world. It is also linked with chronic inflammation. It is associated with a wide variety of factors like exercise, diet, lifestyle habits, etc. As mentioned earlier, the polyphenols in white tea, help reduce the risk of heart diseases in human beings.

  1. White tea helps you lose weight

Whenever you think of weight loss, the first thing that comes to your mind is, obviously, green tea. But how many of you did know that white tea also has weight management properties? It also includes caffeine and catechin that aids in reducing weight. These compounds have a synergistic effect on the body.

  1. This tea helps protect your teeth from bacteria

White tea is known to be a great source of catechins, tannins, and fluoride. The combination of all these molecules helps fight sugar and bacteria. Thus, they aid in strengthening your teeth. Moreover, fluoride also helps to prevent dental cavities. That is because it makes the surface of the teeth resistant to acid attacks by bacteria and sugar.

  1. White tea includes compounds that may fight cancer

Several studies have proved that white tea may have anticancer effects. Numerous test-tube studies have shown that it triggered cell death mostly in several types of lung cancers. However, more studies are yet to be conducted on the long-term effects of this tea on cancer.

  1. It may lower the level of insulin resistance

Insulin is a very important hormone for us human beings. It helps to move the nutrients from the bloodstream directly to the cells to be stored or used later. However, people often stop responding to insulin owing to higher sugar consumption. That leads to serious conditions like type 2 diabetes, and other heart diseases. Studies prove that polyphenols present in white tea help lower the level of insulin resistance.

Final Words

As we can see, white tea has multiple health benefits. So, get your shoes on and grab your pack of white tea now! If you are wondering where to get this marvelous beverage, fear not! We have got the store for you right at your doorstep. Log in to Spice Farmer and get your pack of flavoursome and tasty white tea right away. Here’s your link.

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