List of dry fruits to add to your daily diet


Dry fruits have numerous medicinal properties and are a great source of nutrients. Although they are popular as rich delicacies among everyone, they are a must-buy for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Kids who aren’t very fond of fresh fruits are always given the alternative of dried fruits. You can also add these mini delights to your favorite smoothie, yogurt, or cream to make a healthy breakfast alternative. Dry fruits are exceptional and amazing breakfast choices and there is no denying this fact. So, if you are stopping yourself from consuming these amazing delights, then I bet you are missing out on a lot! 

Dry fruits

Dry fruits

The best part here is that they do not contain any sodium, bad cholesterol, or refined sugar. They have a plethora of health benefits and are super energy boosters.  As a result, they do wonders in maintaining your health. Moreover, it is super convenient to carry dry fruits anywhere and anytime. They are the best solution to satisfying your hunger pangs. Now, the question that arises here is –

Which dry fruits should you include in your diet?

The answer lies in the curated list that we have brought for you below:

1. Almonds: Almonds are one of the most used dry fruits. They have amazing health benefits and people from any age group can consume them. You can consume them either in their raw, roasted, or soaked form. Moreover, you can add them in various dishes. Almonds are known for adding a rich taste and flavor to various food items. So, have you tried the almond-y delights yet?

Health benefits of almonds:

  •   They help treat heart diseases
  •   They manage the blood sugar levels
  •   They help in weight management

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2. Pistachios: Pistachios are unique dried fruits that are loved by everyone. They are also called pista. They are a rich source of not one but 30 essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Moreover, there is hardly any person who doesn’t like the taste of pistachios, isn’t it? Use them on any dish and the aroma will elevate to a whole new level. 

Health benefits of pistachios:

  •   They help maintain a healthy heart
  •   They help manage diabetes
  •   They improve blood circulation and the production of hemoglobin.

3. Cashews: They are also known as Kaju. Although most people refer to them as nuts, cashews are nothing but seeds. They are essential for maintaining the overall health of human beings. Moreover, their taste has a different magic on our tongue buds and no one can deny this fact. 

Health benefits of cashews:

  •   They also help in weight loss
  •   They control the blood sugar levels
  •   They improve the heart’s health

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4. Apricots: These tart-tasting orange fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. Although you might not like them at the first sight, a tinge of taste will surely make you love them. 

Health benefits of apricots:

  •   They protect the eyes and the heart
  •   They reduce wrinkles and hydrate the skin

5. Dates: They are not only super delicious but also rich in iron. Dates are a must-have during the winter season. These super nutritious delights can be added to desserts to enhance the taste. Moreover, it is also easy to find them both in the seeded and deseeded form in the market.

Health benefits of dates:

  •   They help promote brain health
  •   They help manage the sugar levels

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6.  Hazelnuts: They are rich in various nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins. You can eat them either in raw, roasted, or grounded form. You can also find them in most of the chocolate products!

Health benefits of hazelnuts:

  •   They help improve the heart’s health
  •   They help in healthy bowel movement

7. Walnuts: These brain-shaped nuts contain healthy fats, fiber, and protein. The best part about walnuts is that you can add them to breakfast cereals, salads, pasta, baked food, and more.

Health benefits of walnuts:

  •   They reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer
  •   They help manage the risk of diabetes

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