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Kerala – The Land of Spices

kerala the land of spices

Kerala – God’s own country – is also known as the land of spices. Kerala has a high position in spice trading in terms of both quality and quantity. The ideal climate in Kerala is favoring the growth of spices in Kerala.

The spice trade from Kerala begins thousands of years in the past. In history, we can see that spice traders like Vasco de Gama visited Kerala for trading spices. Even then Kerala was renowned for selling spices. Kerala witnessed the arrival of Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, the French and even the British. Musiris -the ancient port in Kerala was the base of the world spice trade in the past. Historians even said that the western colonization of India was even an attempt to control the spice trade from Kerala.

Kerala Spices has lots of uses like they are used in medicines, preservatives, perfumes and most importantly in cuisines. Apart from the flavor and the taste they provide to our foods, they also help digestion, protect from bacteria and prevent many diseases. Spices also have good mercantile value in the global market.

Kerala Spices are a good source of income for the government as they are traded both in the domestic market as well as international market. A lion share of the spice trade of the world is controlled by this small state called Kerala. Especially in the case of selling of green cardamom and black peppers. Kerala is known for spices like black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, turmeric, ginger, etc…

If you want to take the aroma of Kerala with you, then the best option would be to take Kerala spices with you. The flavor of Kerala spices will stay longer in one’s tongue and even longer in one’s memory.

The Western Ghats of Kerala which is rich in loamy soil rich & organic matter and a reasonable amount of rainfall helps the production of spices in Kerala. Even if you are in different religions or caste or creed, spices provide a  unique flavor to the cuisines of Keralites.

So, if you are missing some spice in your life, then head for Kerala at the earliest or buy some Kerala Spices.

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