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Dates – the wonder fruits and their benefits

Dates are among the most popular fruits that have been around for quite a long time. Their origin can be traced back to 5320 BC. Well, that’s a long time back, isn’t it? This fruit acts as a staple item for the people of the Middle East and North Africa. Dates are mostly cultivated in these regions. They are beneficial because of the innate composition of macronutrients inside them. These fruits also include many other healthy elements. You can make your diet a healthy one by incorporating dates into it.



What are dates?

Dates are tropical fruits that grow on palm trees. Scientifically, they are called the Phoenix Dactylifera. It is also considered one of the healthiest fruits in the world. They are categorized as dry fruits. They are also an important part of the heritage of West Asia. Dates have naturally high sugar content. Dried dates are richer in calories than the fresher ones. This high-calorie content is what has made them so popular as they help provide energy throughout the day.

Health benefits of dates

The high nutrient content of dates contributes to their highly beneficial properties. You cannot meet the requirement of a comprehensive fruit diet without including dates. We will discuss their health benefits in the below section.

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  1. Dates are highly nutritious

These fruits are packed with a whole lot of vitamins and other essential nutrients that prove to be fruitful for your overall health. Dates are also rich in carbs and fiber which makes them one of the healthiest fruits in the world.

Here is the nutritional value of dates (per 100g)

  • Calories – 270-310


  • Protein – 5.1 g


  • Total Fat – 0.4 g


  • Sodium – 2 mg


  • Potassium – 656 mg


  • Carbohydrates – 75 g


  • Antioxidants – 80400 micromoles


Dates are also known to have high energy content. To be precise, 100g dates include 314 kilocalories of energy. That makes them great energy boosters, isn’t it?

  1. They aid in healthy bowel movements

There is fiber content present in dates which is very high. These are extremely beneficial for those people who are suffering from serious health issues like irregular bowel movements. Studies show that if consumed for a week, dates help in maintaining healthy bowel movements. They can also aid in maintaining digestive health and help you lead a proper healthy life.

  1. High concentration of antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that help inhibit the entire process of oxidation. As a result, they eliminate the dangerous free radicals that can cause harm to the cells. Oxidation can be harmful to the genetic and structural integrity of cells. So, dates have a very high concentration of antioxidants. Apart from that, they are also rich in flavonoids, carotenoids, and phenolic acid.

  1. Dates improve brain functionality

The regular use of dates helps reduce the risk of developing brain degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, studies also show that they help reduce the production of plaques that may be harmful to the brain.

  1. They help facilitate natural labour

Pregnant women who consume dates daily have higher chances of having a natural delivery. Consuming them in the earlier stage of pregnancy helps make the delivery process smoother.

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