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Black Pepper: How healthy are they for us?

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Black pepper is also known as ‘black gold’ and ‘king of spices’ belongs to the Piperaceae family. It is originated from Southern India and is cultivated in tropical countries as well. It is a very important spice and has played a vital role in the history of spices. In ancient it was used as a currency in Greece. It is known as Kali Mirch in Hindi. They can be black, white, green and red depending on their harvesting and processing. The top countries growing this spice are Brazil, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. They are also the most traded spice in the world.

Black pepper has been growing in India for thousands of years and it was very much valued at that time. It was a common medium of exchange in those days. It was very much used in ancient Roman cuisine and was a status symbol of fine in the European cookery. While using it in cooking and garnishing people began to know about its medicinal values and benefits of it. The mildly spicy and sharp flavour of it added a twist to the food.

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Slowly while using the spice in cooking and garnishing people got to know about its medicinal values and benefits of it. The component piperine which is present in black pepper helps in reducing and preventing many diseases. Black pepper contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases, arthritis, blood sugar levels and cancer. It is seen that when black pepper is taken with turmeric it prevents the risk of cancer. As it is already high in antioxidants it helps in preventing excess radical damage. To attain its maximum benefits you should eat freshly ground pepper for better results.

Helps in digestion and stimulates the stomach. The piperine in Black Pepper helps in easing the stomach and increases the secretion of hydrochloride acid that helps in the digestion of proteins in food. So, adding it to your food will help in digesting your food better. The anti-bacterial nature of this spice helps in curing cough and cold, the trick is you add honey with freshly ground pepper and voila!!! the cure to cough and cold is ready. It also helps in preventing chest congestion which is often caused due to pollution, flu or viral infection. With Black pepper, hot water and eucalyptus oil take the steam when you have chest congestion.

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People are very much concerned about boosting immunity during pandemic. As black pepper is rich in vitamins and minerals it helps in boosting immunity. It has Vitamin A,C and K which are very good for your body. It also has a good amount of nutrients which is advised to the pregnant ladies to add in their diet. If you are struggling with shedding those extra kilos then a pinch of black pepper with green tea drinking two to three times a day will help in it. Eating fresh pepper will make your body perspire which is a sign that your body is releasing the excess water and toxins.

It is also beneficial for skin problems like vitiligo, when the person gets affected by this disease their skin turns white. Black pepper helps in restoring the natural skin colour. It also reduces the risk of skin cancer which happens due to overexposure to chemicals are reduced. It also acts as a great scrub for the skin as it removes the dead skin but doesn’t use it directly on the skin as it will burn, add some curd or honey to it so that the burning sensation doesn’t affect your skin. It also improves blood circulation which gives the skin more oxygen. It also takes care of unwarranted skin wrinkles.

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It is also beneficial for hair growth and hair fall. It is used in the treatment of dandruff. Use black pepper with curd and apply in the scalp for dandruff free hair. Apply it and leave it for thirty minutes and wash it. Don’t use any excess black pepper as it burns in your scalp. Curd and black pepper will also reduce the hair fall problem. Black pepper oil is also helpful in reducing hair loss and increasing hair growth. It also helps in curing depression to some extent. It helps in stimulating the brain and helps it in functioning properly. Using black pepper as a home remedy in curing depression is very much advisable and safe to use.

It also helps in reducing and preventing joint pain. It has medical properties which combat gout. It also helps relieve people from the suffering of joint and spinal pain. Consuming black pepper daily will reduce the complications of stomach problems. It also helps in combating gastrointestinal diseases. So, in all Black pepper has many medicinal properties and is very good for our health. Consuming it in everyday life helps in maintaining our health and body.

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