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Bay Leaves keeps health problems at Bay!

bay leaves

The bay leaf has been used all over the world by many people since the beginning of civilizations. Bay leaf was used by warriors in the Greek civilizations to decorate their crowns. Bay leaf use has been evident in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. In this article, we will explore various uses of the leaves of the Bay plant?

Health benefits of Bay Leaf:

  1. Bay plant helps to relieve cardiovascular issues like angina or chest pain, heart attacks and improper functioning of the heart. This is because Bay plant helps to reduce cholesterol and helps remove the tartar or cholesterol from the arteries and veins. When cholesterol does not constrict the arteries, the heart runs smoothly and remains healthy forever.
  2. A wise man once said that if the stomach is happy the whole body remains happy. This is why it is very important to take care of our digestive system. The gastrointestinal tract serves as the immunity channel against most ailments infecting mankind. This is why Bay plant leaves are given to people so that their immunity could be improved.
  3. Bay plant also helps reduce acidity and gas problems of the gut.
  4. Bay plant improves digestion and helps increase metabolism.
  5. Bay plant also helps in proper cleaning of the digestive tract,
  6. Turmeric has been widely used for treating wounds and infections. If you had to fasten the recovery rate from any ailment, infection or to make a wound heal faster, bay leaves are served and applied. It helps the T cells of the immune system to fight against harmful microbes. Thus allowing the body to heal faster.
  7. Bay leaves are very important for our kidneys. Whenever our body produces more toxic substances than our kidney could filter or whenever a person drinks water less than the required quantity of the body, kidney stones are formed which could cause a lot of internal inflammation of the abdomen. When the bay leaf is served to kidney patients in the form of a kadha or tea, the kidneys are able to pass the kidney stones through the urethra as these stones get broken down into tiny fragments within the body. Thus they are excreted out of the body painlessly.
  8. Many times people are troubled with a lot of hair fall. Mass hair fall in the body occurs because of fluid secretion in the scalp. To reduce the spread of this liquid many times Bay leaves are used. This helps in the reduction of hair fall.
  9. Bay leaves help to control hormone-related disorders and helps to reverse the effects of PCOS as well as hyperandrogenism which affects females and males, respectively.
  10. Bay leaves help improving the skin, the body tone and help in providing a glow to the skin.
  11. Bay leaves also help in maintaining the health of our nails. Our nail enamel health is controlled by our body’s hormones. If we take proper diet, then our hormones will function properly as well as our nails remain healthy.
  12. Bay leaves also help in reversing thyroid-related problems. When the thyroid becomes impossible to control, bay leaves should be consumed. This helps in controlling hormones and also brings the existing situation to control.
  13. Bay leaves help in the reduction of weight. Many people face metabolism-related problems and are unable to reduce their weight. Bay leaves when added to tea or green tea help improve the metabolism of the person.
  14. Many times during puberty, acne problems start to occur. When bay leaf kadha or raw bay leaves are served to children, it just doesn’t reduce pimples and acne but helps clear the blood from any kind of infection.
  15. Bay leaves are good for the bones. They help in improving calcium metabolism and help to reduce the chances of weak bones as well as osteoporosis.
  16. Mostly, all kinds of immunity-related ailments could be cured easily by having Bay leaves.

We have all known how Bay leaves help in providing good health. Bay leaves also improve the taste of food. Many Asian delicacies are served with the bay leaves. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Have a nice day!

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