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Are homemade spices better than the market ones?


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Homemade spice, freshly grounded, mixed with other spices to make a new one and with a fresh fragrance of the spices. The spices in their original form are first collected than is separated from the bad ones. After the separation of spices, they are ground one by one. There are some spices that are blended for better flavour and aroma. In Indian cuisines, a variety of mixed spices is used while cooking. spices like cinnamon, cumin, coriander, cloves and turmeric all are blended together to make a masala (as we call it in India) known as Garam masala.

Garam masala is a combination of various spices which are mixed together for a nice fragrance and delicious taste in curries. A pinch of this homemade spice is added to a dish for colour, aroma and for a different taste. Homemade spices are generally better than the ones which are available in markets. As the spices are blended together without adding any kinds of chemicals or any other artificial colours they are more flavourful and made in our own kitchen. Artificial colours, chemicals and artificial preservatives can never give the same flavour and aroma that these homemade spices can give.

In India, we often say that things that are made in our home and in our kitchen are more trustworthy and healthy to use and add to our food. We generally believe that the things which are made by our grandmother or our mother is more delicious than any other thing and it is true, our mother and grandmother do make everything without most love and care. Those things will never harm us in any way.

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Of course, it someone’s personal choice whether to buy or to make the spices at home, it completely an individual’s own decision as it requires more time and patience and some cannot give those every day to make the spice. But homemade spices have a different flavour and smell which adds an extra zing to your food. When you make spices at home it also gives you some quality time with the family members. It gives you spices full of flavour and some special bonding time with your family.

Once you start making your own spices there is no going back. You will definitely enjoy the toasting, grinding, mixing and blending of your own spices. During this process, the sense of smell really gets high as you smell and blend the different spices. When you smell different spices the sense heightens and now you can differentiate various fragrances. Homemade spices definitely give more flavours than market spices.

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Once grounded and blended together these spices will last from six months to one year. If it is stored and properly and away from light and heat, not in a cabinet near your stove or in drawers. Do mark the dates on the spices so that after a certain period of time when the spice lose their fragrance they can be thrown out. You have to be very strong to throw out the spices when they are not in use. Spices should be stored in an airtight container away from the heat and light which away from the sun.

When you make Homemade spices the proportions are completely in your control. You can use whatever spice of your choice at whatever quantity you like. Not only the proportions but also have control over the kinds of spices you want to add to your mix. You have the full freedom to add whatever spices you can add and what not to. The spice mix can be used in any kind of vegetable you like and can also be added to the meat. Some spice mixes can also be added to bakery products.

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Now we come to the market spices, you can always prefer the market ones if you don’t have enough time and patience. Making homemade spices requires proper knowledge about spices and needs a lot of time to make them. People who work usually prefer the market spices as they are ready to use and gives almost the flavour of spice made at home. Market spices are easier to add to food but they also have many artificial preservatives, colours and chemicals.

Market spices also don’t have that love and care of the person who made with lots of hard work and patience. But as I have mentioned earlier that there are some people who don’t like that much work just to add a pinch of it to their food. Every individual has a different opinion about it as not everyone likes the smell and work of it. People do like to enjoy their time making the rather than making the spices. Whatever the reason may be homemade spices are better for some people and for some people market spices are good it’s just that people can choose whatever they want.

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