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All you need to know about Spices!


Add spice to your life or to your shelf! Just as we need some spice, some excitement to our lives in the same way we need some spice, some flavour to our food. They give an aromatic, odoriferous, tempting feeling to the food we eat.

As we all know spices are the soul of a delicacy. It is something that gives life to the dish on the plate. So, it is very important to know the essentials and basics of spices. We know that in modern world spice has become the epitome of the food industry in the entire world, thanks to India who introduced it in the first place. Indian spices dictate all over the world with their flavours, medicinal property and fragrance.

Spices are not just used in food as a flavouring agent but is also a substance good for medicinal properties. Turmeric for example is the most commonly used spice to cure all illness with its healing properties. Ginger is also a spice famous for its medicinal use.

Spices are also used as a fragrant. Many perfumes use the essence of spices like cardamom even red chillies in their ingredients to give that spicy zest to their products.

A person uses different varieties of spices to bring that pungent, savoury flavour. There are sweet spices, dry spices and many more kinds of ambrosial used all across the globe to bring what we call food an exotic, aromatic appeal.

Spices are the foundation of cooking. Before one can have their hands on the stove, they should know the bread & butter of cooking that is spices. So, go into the kitchen, open that masala box in the cupboard, smell, taste, and touch the different spices for a better understanding. You will find cumin, mustard seeds, red chilli powder, turmeric, asafetida, coriander, cassia bark, saffron, nutmeg, cloves as the most commonly used spices in cooking. Get your hands-on experience on experience in the kitchen by first diving into the sea of aromatic spices and start cooking!

Spices come in every form, be it a bark of a tree, some herbs, or even gum we find spices everywhere and in every form. As important is the spices for food, we need to store it in well-defined conditions. Most spices have eternal life but only when they are properly stored. Spices lose their flavour over a period of time. Generally, we find that spices can last as long as three to four years. One should always remember that storing the spices in an opaque container will retain their qualities for the longest of times.

Spices are known to be found for ages unknown. We find reference of spices in the ancient Greek and Roman history and also there is a reference of spices in the ancient Mesopotamian times. They have since then made a milestone in the food industry with their aroma and redolence. And as they came to India, their journey to become a humungous success began.

In India, we witness a complex combination of spices in the delicacies here. Garam masala for example has brought a tangy and spicy flavour to the dish which compliments it the best.

There is always a mystery and there always will remain a mystery to the intriguing spices we have. The inquisitiveness and extraordinary flavour that we get when we add any spice to a dish are out of the world. I wonder how in the world did we find it that this is thin that will not only add the zest in food but will eventually become an essential part of our lives.

In the current times when we see that turmeric and cumin have dominated the spice world, we find that some spices like ajwain coming up to challenge. The variety has gone to hundreds now. In fact, each region of India has its own palette of spices which is worshipped at different occasions. Spices add a certain depth to the dish which is balmy.

In all, each spice is used differently and in their own individual style leaving the food rejuvenated and tasty by their aromatic appeal which makes you salivate and dig in!

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